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Sometimes the path to where you belong is not direct.
My path to the beauty industry and all I love in it began with
humble beginnings. That origin pushed me to believe
nothing is impossible. Struggles make us stronger and help
develop who we are.
After graduating university, I pursued one of my passions
Traveling. At the time, being a flight attendant was a very sought after
career and difficult to obtain. My position grew to that of an
Inflight Service Manager.
I met my husband while traveling. He was the Pilot, and I
the Flight Attendant. We loved traveling but atter working
on opposite schedules, I made the decision to find a career
that would give me all the things in life that I loved
The beauty industry was always exciting to me. I loved
everything about it. My first foray into the industry as I grew
up was to compete in beauty pageants. I even had the
privilege to compete as a Miss Puerto Rico pageant contestant.
An amazing discovery I made while working in the travel
industry was that love to help and teach people. The
perfect fit at the time was to work as a Beauty Advisor to
high end lines such as: Chanel, Marcella Borghese, Dior &
Giorgio Armani.
Along my beauty industry journey, a position opened up at Leonor Grevl-USA. The product is primarily known in
exclusive hair salons, boutiques, luxury department stores around the world and my manager thought it was
a good fit.
This niche, celebrity French hair line ended up being an amazing experience. Becoming a Regional Sales
Manager and working with some independent, amazing women was the thrill of a lifetime.
I knew I had more to give. My experience and passion for beauty combined with my love of helping others had
grown to that end, I opened a business of my own. Luxe Beauty Bar Suites was the pertect opportunity to help
others develop their own beauty businesses.
One of my mottos that I believe to be true is, "Your growth is my growth."
Helping people achieve their dream by becoming business owners in the beauty industry, is one of the most
fulfilling things I have ever done, besides my family of course.
I believe all of these experiences have led me here. It all started taking a leap of faith. Don't let
fear hold you back from achieving your dreams. 
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